187-2: Create Before You Consume = Biz Growth with Lawrence Howlett

Lawrence Howlett was one of the first people to have a bachelor’s degree in entrepreneurship in the UK in this episode he shares how he got started.

We also discuss how taking constant action has led to creating a highly successful online course that teaches internet marketing to business owners as well as serving many high-level clients through their agency along the way.

One of the many things I like about Lawrence is his ability to continually take action and move forward.

We talked about a wide range of things that I believe you’ll find useful for your business.

In This Episode:

  • Success is a sign over the door of your business
  • The benefits of gamifying your business
  • With competence comes confidence
  • Bigger clients means __________
  • Letting go of limiting vocabulary and mindset
  • Learning to understand customer needs
  • Presenting customers with an empirical case
  • Mastering the melding of skill, repetition and tactics with mindset
  • Digital marketing = attract, capture, convert and delight
  • Create before you consume


Lawrence has been a digital agency owner for 10 years, launching 100s of successful websites and helping businesses grow by implementing digital marketing strategies and tactics. Lawrence also hosts the More Demand Podcast, teaches everything he knows through online courses and writes for leading tech blogs like Smashing Magazine. He’s been featured on Entrepreneur on Fire and is now ready to help you attract, capture, convert and delight your clients.

Connect with Lawrence:

  • lawrence -AT- newedge.co.uk

Show Notes:

Lawrence’s Favorite Book or Program:
— Program: Webinars That Convert by Amy Porterfield
— Book: Will It Fly by Pat Flynn

Lawrence’s Favorite Tool or Technology:

Lawrence’s Favorite Quote:
“Stop polishing the Ferrari and put some fuel in it”

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