189: From Tragedy To Triumph with Kerry Nelson

In this episode I am going to introduce you to Kerry Nelson.

After the devastating loss of unexpectedly losing her husband she had to make the transition of completely running her husband’s business on her own.
In this interview she shares her story of how she refined all of the processes, stabilized the business, grew its revenue and then went on to sell the business in the midst of dealing with this heartbreaking loss.

Obviously Carrie is a special kind of person.


In This Episode:

  • Overcoming a huge amount debt after a devastating loss
  • Instituting new systems
  • Reaching the black
  • Adversity can be an accelerant into opportunity
  • Helping others to empower themselves
  • Having freedom that is completely unstoppable
  • Kerry’s plans to write a book


Connect with Kerry:

  • kerryannenelson.com


I have a lived a life that surpasses resilience. My story illustrates how I have learned how to exchange survival for thriving. My story helps to awaken and equip people to take the steps that only they can take for their own empowerment.

I met my second husband late in 1999, and we were married in April 2002. From the outset we were always connected in our passion for business as a vehicle of empowerment, and spent our entire married life creatively pursuing this end, as well as helping those who came across our path to do the same. Our business evolved through many different iterations, but it was best described as online retail of vacuum cleaner spare parts.

As time rolled into the 2014 new year our tenacious commitment had allowed us to achieve a few significant milestones, but we struggled to bring our young business into the black. The frustration of ongoing debt and goal posts that seemed to be perpetually in motion was overwhelming, especially for my husband. This is was an incredibly challenging time for us, but in working together, neither of us would have had it any other way.

The next major event of my life shook my world unlike anything before. I had left my unwell husband of twelve years to work from home while I continued our daily routine at our warehouse. Unexpectedly on May 28, 2014, I found my husband face down on our kitchen floor, dead. The details of this event are traumatic to say the least, but when I consider how this harrowing moment in my life is becoming woven together with all of my befores and afters, I can see that I have lots of living and giving left to do.

As I’m sure you can imagine, my life has taken some significant twists and turns since then. I worked hard through to the end of 2015 to restructure the online business I shared with Alec, drawing on my strengths in management and leadership to turn it into something that could run without Alec’s input. I started a new team from scratch after my remaining two staff left, I implemented new software to manage my inventory, documented business processes and procedures in comprehensive manuals, outsourced my order fulfillment processes, and decentralized business operations to close our warehouse and send my new staff to work from home. Alongside all of this, I worked my way out of the debt I had inherited to finally sell the business I had been left with. The sale price saw me pocket a profit that was equivalent to the debt I had inherited only eighteen months earlier.

I am grateful for the time I have had in the sun in life and love, and I am looking forward to plenty more. As time slowly pushes this beacon event into the past, I have been seeking new directions in my life, and have experienced surprising clarity. I am currently writing the first of many books to inspire and encourage people with my passion for life, love and empowerment. I intend to combine the professional knowledge I have in education and online business with my personal attributes and experiences, and apply them to what I am daring to believe will be a successful motivational speaking and coaching career.

My personal mission statement says it all:
I live to be a superhero to my kids, and to empower others to unstoppable freedom.


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