190-2: Teaching others to DIY = Financial Success with Pete Sveen

Pete Sveen owns two businesses: Think entrepreneurship and DIY Pete.

Pete creates straightforward videos that show people how to build things.

In this episode we talk mostly about his journey of growing DIY Pete, (Do It Yourself Pete), and the tactics and strategies that he’s using to monetize his efforts.

Pete’s a super sharp guy and very straightforward about everything he’s doing. I’m confident that you’ll find lots of value in this episode.

In This Episode:

  • Being aware that people consider you an expert
  • Using industry vernacular will slash your audience
  • Everything is new and exciting to entrepreneurs
  • Narrowing of focus was a turning point for Pete
  • Consistency in content distribution is essential
  • Switching from “if” to “what”
  • Lessons learned from veterans
  • Being happy while pursuing your goals


Pete Sveen is a DIY’er and entrepreneur living in Bozeman Montana who loves to teach and inspire. He runs DIYPETE.com which is an online resource with videos, plans, and courses about how to build furniture and projects out of wood, metal, and concrete. Pete enjoys kayaking, flying airplanes, trail running, and skiing when he’s not out building projects in the garage.

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Show Notes:

Pete’s Favorite Book or Program:
— The Art Of Negotiating The Best Deal by Seth Freeman

Pete’s Favorite Tool or Technology:

Pete’s Favorite Quote:
“Action is the foundational key to all success” — Pablo Picasso

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