191-1: Getting Paid For Your Value and Not Just Your Time with Colby Jubenville

Colby B. Jubenville Ph.D. is an accomplished, author, speaker and entrepreneur and a professor at Middle Tennessee State University.

In this episode we talk about a wide range of topics that are critical for success in business. Colby shares his framework for several aspects of business growth and refinement. Lots of great information in this episode. Colby is a brilliant guy and lots of fun to talk to. Be sure to grab something to take notes with.

In This Episode:

  • Get paid for your value and not just your time
  • Unlocking the entrepreneurial spirit
  • If you want a better outcome you need a better ___________
  • Understanding what what buying decisions are based on
  • If you want more you have to become more
  • The key to success
  • One of the fastest ways to learn
  • When there is abundance there is no urgency


Colby B. Jubenville, PhD is an accomplished author, international speaker, professor, business advisor, entrepreneur and inventor. He holds an academic appointment at Middle Tennessee State University as Special Assistant to the Dean for Student Success and Strategic Partnerships in the College of Behavioral and Health Sciences and is Principal of Red Herring Innovation and Design, an agency specializing in helping people and organizations become better known, better understood, and better understand the unique value they deliver.

He regularly speaks on his book Zebras & Cheetahs: Look Different and Stay Agile to Survive the Business Jungle, published by Wiley and Sons which teaches others how to compete on unique value resulting in getting paid for the value you deliver. During his tenure in higher education, Jubenville has published over 35 peer reviewed and professional trade articles and is the founder of The Journal of Applied Sport Management.

In 2016 Jubenville secured $1,000,000 in private monies and launched The Center for Student Success and Coaching, a high profile student success initiative focused on coaching students, enhancing problem solving capabilities, professional preparation, personal branding and emotional intelligence. He serves as the Director of the Center.

Connect with Colby:

  • colby -AT- drjubenville.com

Show Notes:

Colby’s Favorite Book or Program:

Colby’s Favorite Tool or Technology:

  • Credit card app on Apple iPhone

Colby’s Favorite Quote:

If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.

— Henry David Thoreau

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