198-1: Scientific Business Growth with Richard Banfield

Today I am going to introduce you to Richard Banfield.

In this episode Richard talks about the brilliant process of creating an artifact of your business. This is a process that allows you to see your business from a wide range of perspectives.
In this interview we discussed why these elements are so important for growing a profitable business. Plus he shares many of the things that he’s gone through to grow his own business to multi million dollars annually.

Richard comes from a completely different perspective that will provide value for you and your business.

As always be sure to bring something to take notes with if at all possible.

In This Episode:

  • Studying biology leads to an interest in business
  • The importance of _____________
  • Why you must test your hypothesis
  • Helping customers with problems and no solutions
  • Using the scientific process to solve problems
  • What do we know and what do we assume?
  • Richard becomes a pioneer in software integration
  • Software is a tool and doesn’t replace understanding
  • Understanding your value proposition


Richard is the CEO and co-­founder of Fresh Tilled Soil. After completing a degree in Biology, Richard was attracted to the world of web tech and worked his way up the digital food chain, starting with online ad sales at MultiChoice, Africa’s largest TV and Internet media business. He was in the thick of it during the dot­-com years, co-­founding Acceleration, an international adtech business headquartered in London (now owned by advertising giant WPP).

Under Richard’s leadership Fresh Tilled Soil has delivered digital product design, business strategy, and workshops to 700+ clients across the world. His colorful life experience includes being an officer in the army and being a dive master on the remote Islamic Republic of the Comoros, where he learned the survival skills he uses daily in the fast paced tech world. Richard is a mentor at several incubators and accelerators as well as an advisor and lecturer at the Startup Institute.

Richard recently published two books. Design Leadership is his second book published by O’Reilly. The first was Design Sprint: A Practical Guidebook for Building Great Digital Products, which he co-authored with CTodd Lombardo and Trace Wax.

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Show Notes:

Richard’s Favorite Book or Program:

Richard’s Favorite Tool or Technology:

  • Email
  • Social Media

Richard’s Favorite Quote:

“Business is not art school”

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