204-2: Growing Your Biz Using CRO with Karl Staib

Today I am excited about introducing you to Karl Staib.

Karl specializes in Conversion Rate Optimization (aka CRO).

In this episode we talk about understanding the micro versus the macro. How to spend less on your ads.

Why you should interview your customer. Setting up KPI’s for growth. Tracking so that you can understand what’s not working.

And lots more so be sure and bring something to take notes if at all possible.

In This Episode:

  • Why your Ad should be an extension of your landing page
  • A bad way to use surveys
  • A way to increase your customer sales by 9 fold
  • Using a happy sheet
  • Understanding your promoter scores
  • Why you should send gifts to people that give a high score
  • Understanding CRO to make smarter decision
  • A/B testing
  • Statistical relevance
  • Using your testimonials


Karl Staib, the founder of Domino Connection, helps his clients create a better User and Customer Experience for purpose driven companies that helps them crunch the data and make smarter business decisions.

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Karl’s Favorite Quote:

“We need feedback to improve” — Bill Gates

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