206-2: Biz Growth Tips & A Cool Way To Find Live Event Near You with Jim McCarthy

Today I am going to introduce you to Jim McCarthy.

In this episode we discuss the dramatic shift within the Internet and how it’s impacted businesses. Getting the type of experience that makes you a better leader and business first.

Understanding the components that leads to your success. Multiple ways to monetize. An app that tells you what live events are going on in your area.

Along with lots of the other behind-the-scenes details that Jim shares with us with regards to growing his business to some pretty impressive levels with his partners.

In This Episode:

  • Understanding the components that lead to your success
  • Using naiveté to your benefit
  • Cutting out the middle man
  • Using the many to one model
  • Goldstar is a place to find something to do in your area with a few taps
  • A great answer to… what can I do tonight?
  • Making full commitment
  • Finally a big turning point
  • Breaking a Million
  • Multiple ways to monetize
  • Creating a VIP program (red velvet member)
  • Focusing on the __________
  • What Jim would have done to build the biz faster if he could do it over
  • Using a model that can scale very easily


Jim McCarthy is the co-founder and CEO of Goldstar. An 18-year veteran of the Internet and e-commerce, Jim has spent his entire career in high-growth businesses and likes to share his knowledge and insight with others. He’s theeditor and main contributor to SellingOut.com,a website for live entertainment and arts marketers. He’s the curator and co-founder of TEDxBroadway. He’s spoken at conferences all over the world, including TED, SXSW, INTIX and more. His articles have been in Forbes, Fast Company and Business Insider. Jim studied English at Harvard University and received an MBA at UCLA Anderson School of Management.

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It ain’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble. It’s what you know for sure that just ain’t so. — Mark Twain

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