207-1: A Framework For Improving Your Marketing with Scott Oldford

In this episode we talk about the dangers of getting too confident in business. Changing your personal story in a way that allows you to get past the things that are holding you back. What leaders do in every field to make their success much easier. Understanding the framework that makes your marketing better. Scott’s framework for building a successful sales funnel. And lots more.

In This Episode:

  • Finding early success
  • Losing everything
  • Breaking a million a year
  • Hiring too fast
  • The dangers of getting too confident
  • The unfair advantage
  • Becoming 1% better
  • The freak shall inherit the result
  • Overcoming $750,000 of debt
  • Stoping allowing his past history to prevent his success
  • Changing the narrative
  • Not arguing to right
  • Learning to listen more
  • The key to evolving
  • What leaders do best that make it much easier
  • Generating leads
  • Building a multi tiered funnel
  • The different mindset that all customers have


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Successful people don’t show success, they just show up and provide value.

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