207-2: A Framework For Improving Your Marketing with Scott Oldford

In this episode we talk about the dangers of getting too confident in business. Changing your personal story in a way that allows you to get past the things that are holding you back. What leaders do in every field to make their success much easier. Understanding the framework that makes your marketing better. Scott’s framework for building a successful sales funnel. And lots more.

In This Episode:

  • Understanding the frame work that makes your marketing better
  • Helping 100,000 entrepreneurs
  • Using SSF to grow your biz
  • Getting past objections
  • Where to spend 80% of your budget
  • The key to your success
  • Why lead gen is so important
  • Being able to buy your way out of a problem
  • Having the oh sh*t moment
  • His pivot point for success
  • Getting rid of the low profit margins
  • Standing firm on who you accept as clients
  • Understanding what gives you leverage over your clients
  • Over coming the pain
  • Separating an important failure from your identity and surviving
  • What you should be asking yourself
  • Getting beyond the scarcity mindset
  • The abundance mindset


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Successful people don’t show success, they just show up and provide value.

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