72 – Using the Four Sustaining Factors for Growing your Business

Jeffrey J. Fox

How balanced is your approach to growing your business.

This question plays a key roll in determining the level of success that you can achieve through your business.

In my experience very few business owners understand this on a deep level.

In this new episode I will introduce you to rock start entrepreneur Jeffrey J. Fox.

Fox & Co. Jeffrey worked in senior positions for three high powered consumer and industrial marketing companies. He was Vice President , Marketing, and a Corporate Vice President of Loctite Corp, now Henkel/Loctite.

Jeff was Director of Marketing for the wine divisions of The Pillsbury Co. He was the Director of New Products for Heublein, Inc, now Diageo. (All three companies became clients of Fox & Co.) Jeffrey is the winner of “Sales & Marketing Management” magazine’s Outstanding Marketer Award; winner of the American Marketing Association’s Outstanding Marketer in Connecticut; and the National Distributors Association’s award as the nation’s Best Industrial Marketer. He is the subject of a Harvard Business School case study that is rated one of the top 100 case studies, and which is thought to be the most widely taught marketing case in the world.

Jeffrey Fox consults with top-notch organizations around the world. He is consigliore to CEOs and senior executives. Fox & Co. is in the business of helping clients grow revenues and increase gross margins.

He has written eleven international best-selling books, and regularly speaks to organizations and company sales forces.

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In This Episode:

  • Discover the Four Sustaining Factors to a successful business
  • Why culture is an important ingredient of your successful
  • Understanding the true meaning of marketing
  • How intelligent Leadership can grow your business
  • Working in the business versus Working on the business
  • The common mistakes you could be making in your business
  • How to improve your sales and marketing
  • What is the most important factor for success in a new business
  • Know the 3 categories of value buyer

Show Notes:

Jeffrey’s reading recommendation for taking your business to the next level are:

  1. Obvious Adams: The story of a Successful Businessman by Robert Rawls Updegraff

Jeffrey’s tool/technology recommended for growing your business and income is:

  1. A personal letter and company stationary with a stamp and signed signature

Jeffrey’s favorite quote for fellow Entrepreneurs:
“Words are cheap and deeds are dear. W-A-C-A-D-A-D” by Jeffrey J. Fox

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