73 – Increasing your Potential to Grow your Success

Frank Niles

To give you some context for this episode, I want to start off with a question that challenges you.

Do you believe that you’re living up to your full potential?

I believe that as an entrepreneur we need to ask ourselves this question on a regular basis.

We talk about this and lots more that will add value to being an entrepreneur.

That’s why I am super excited to connect you with Dr. Frank Niles in this episode.

Dr. Niles is a behavioral scientist, adventure athlete, executive coach, and speaker. He is an expert on the social psychology of human performance.

Frank uses insights from science and his adventures to help people and organizations create the breakthroughs they need to achieve the goals they desire.

Frank is founding partner of Scholar Executive Group, LLC, a boutique consulting firm that provides coaching, counseling, and leadership development training for Fortune 500 companies and influential people. He speaks worldwide and teaches at John Brown University.

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In This Episode:

  • What prevents you from achieving the success that you could have
  • The different levels of connections of relationships and how to leverage them
  • Learn how to reach new heights of performance in business and in life
  • Understanding human behavior
  • The three simple elements about Performance
  • Why we need to grow
  • How to attract, motivate and drive highly effective people
  • What gets you excited about your _________
  • How to overcome FEAR
  • And lots more

Show Notes:

Frank’s reading recommendation for taking your business to the next level are:

  1. Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor E. Frankl

Frank’s tool/technology recommended for growing your business and income is:

  1. Prezi
  2. Google+ Hangouts

Frank’s favorite quote for fellow Entrepreneurs:
“When it comes to choosing a life path, you should do what you love because if you don’t do what you love you’re unlikely to work hard enough to be very good at it.”

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