A Brief Bio of The Entrepreneurs Radio Shows Host Travis Lane Jenkins

Travis JenkinsI am a serial entrepreneur with a wide range of interest and businesses. I own multiple businesses that range from a strategic business growth and mentoring company, a service businesses and a performance marketing agency.

One of my passions is teaching business owners how to build businesses that create wealth and time freedom.

Hi, I’m Travis Lane Jenkins! I have started 4 tiny local businesses on a shoe string budgets and built them to multi-million dollar levels, using my own money, time and hard work.
I have personally generated over 70+ million dollars in my own businesses.

However, my biggest successes came after I lost everything, personally and professionally.

The lessons I learned during this period of my life allowed me to identify and eliminate the BS. With this new level of focus, I was able to completely rebuild an extremely profitable business (in record time) during a recession.

I was able to make my entire life savings back in 18 months, something that had taken me 15 years to achieve the first time.

After this life altering phase of my life, I realized that owning an EXTREMELY profitable business (that requires very little of my time) and achieving a high level of financial success in the process is nothing more than successfully applying a series of formulas, that anyone can follow, if they have a quality product or service combined with tenacity.

I began to use this formula to create other multi-million dollar businesses.

Now that may sound like I am about to tell you that there’s a magic pill that you can take to get rich overnight?

Which could NOT be further from the truth.

However, there is a short cut that very few people EVER take (including me for the first 15 years of being self-employed).

Now I am on a mission to show business owners how to evolve into a entrepreneur that works on their business rather than in it.