04 – Kerry Grimes

Kerry Grimes

Kerry was Sales Director for a major manufacturer and supplier to the electronic industry for 23 years. Then 20 years ago he started his own distribution company supplying the same industry precisely to printed circuit board manufacturers and now incorporating semi conductor companies.

Having brought a Taiwanese company to the American market in 1993, and successfully established a distribution that worked for that company. Today, it is a 25 million dollar manufacturing facility in the US built in 2001 which provides about a hundred jobs in the United States today.

In This Episode:

  • Discover how to be effective in sales
  • Learn the five steps to tell you where you are in the sales
  • Why listening is the most important part in sales
  • Know how to control cash flow
  • Learn how to establish trust between you and the customer

Show Notes

Kerry’s reading recommendation for taking your business to the next level are:

Kerry’s favorite quote for fellow Entrepreneurs:
“You Can’t Sell Vegetables From An Empty Cart.”

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