07 – Sabrina Teekah

Sabrina Teekah

Sabrina Teekah is a successful entrepreneur, public speaker, and teacher who has been in the entrepreneurial world for over 16 years.

Sabrina Teekah is the founder, owner and principal designer at Elegant Interiors.  Sabrina brings her project management skills, keen eye for color, composition and form to each project.

Sabrina’s mission is to empower Women Entrepreneurs take control of their own destiny.

She helps them design and create step by step Business building blocks that will catapult them on their path to creating their Dream Lifestyle.

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In This Episode:

  • Understanding the abundance mindset and how to use it grow your business
  • Are you a right brain or a left brain? And how does that impact your business
  • Finding Financial Freedom and Time Freedom in your business
  • Using your business to make a difference
  • Establishing a strong client relationship
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