39 – Inbound and Content Marketing to Increase Your Sales

Marcus Sheridan

Marcus Sheridan is brilliant and lots of fun. We go deep in several topics that will get you thinking. Marcus is the author of the blog The Sales Lion. The Sales Lion is one of the premier inbound and content marketing companies in the world; training businesses on how to leverage content to build their digital brand and increase sales directly. It is one of the best marketing, business, and life-success blogs on the internet. Marcus first experienced incredible success teaching other pool professionals how to embrace inbound marketing.

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38 – How to Start a Blog that Grows Your Business

Corbett Barr

Corbett Barr is the founder of Think Traffic and Expert Enough. He has a flagship course called How to Start a Blog that Matters. Corbett’s first blog attracted over 500,000 visitors in its initial year. Corbett has dedicated his career to teaching people how to attract thriving online audiences. Through his courses and consulting, he has helped students and clients start thousands of new blogs. Corbett is also an advisor to some of the top bloggers online including Adam Baker of Man vs. Debt and Leo Babauta of Zen Habits.

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37 – Using Content Marketing to Grow Your Business

Joe Pulizzi

Joe Pulizzi is the founder of the ContentMarketingInstitute.com and ContentMarketingWorld.com, the largest event for content marketers. Joe is a MASTER at building content marketing strategies and actionable plans that grow your business. He writes one of most popular content marketing blogs in the world. Joe is the co-author of Get Content, Get Customers, known as “The Handbook for Content Marketing” by McGraw-Hill and he also co-wrote Managing Content Marketing with Robert Rose.

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36 – Attitude Equals Altitude In Your Business

Sean Patrick McCullough

Sean is a best-selling author of “For the People You Love.” Sean and his team has helped more than 27,000 clients in 13 states, with 17 agents, 500 brokers around the country and with an incredible $2.7 billion in total protection across all of their products and services. Sean is also co-hosts & produces “Empowered by the Word” which is a Christian based Podcast. Sean is not only brilliant, he is also an excellent example of being a tenacious go-giver that is passionate about helping others. On top of being a great guy. I know you’re going to love him.

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35 – Giving FIRST to Grow Your Business

Bob Burg

Bob Burg is a well-known speaker and author of 5 excellent books. One of his most recent books has become an international best-seller titled The Go-Giver. The book is centered on shifting your focus from getting to giving—putting others’ interests first and continually adding value to their lives—ultimately leads to unexpected returns. Bob believes you CANNOT control the economy but YOU CAN absolutely control YOUR economy (and I completely agree). Bob shares information on topics vital to the success of today’s businessperson.

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34 – Online Marketing for your Business

Ryan Lee

Ryan Lee is an entrepreneur, best-selling author, speaker, success coach and the founder of RyanLee.com. He started his first website back in 1999 while still working full-time at a children’s rehab hospital. He grew that one fitness site into multi-million dollar empire. Ryan is the author of 2 books ‘The Millionaire Workout’ and ‘Passion to Profits’.  He has also contributed to the NY Time Best-Selling Series ‘The Worst Case Scenario Business Survival Guide’ and has been featured in dozens of books.

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33 – Search, Social & Mobile For Your Business

Rich Brooks

Rich is the founder and president of ‘Flyte New Media’ which is a web design and internet marketing company. He’s also a contributor to the well known (and highly respected) FastCompany.com and SocialMediaExaminer.com (one of the most popular social media sites today). Rich is also the founder of ‘The Agents of Change Digital Marketing’ which is an event that focuses around the three biggest channels today: Search Social and Mobile. Rich shares a lot of great (pretty simple and straight forward) tactics that you can apply RIGHT AWAY!

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32 – Using Podcasting to Build Your Business

Jason Van Orden

Jason Van Orden is brilliant and has an uncanny grasp for internet marketing and online media strategy. He is one of the most sought after new media consultants, with a deep understanding of how to use new media to MAGNETICALLY attract droves of new customers, boost sales to record rates and turn fledgling businesses into market leaders that generate six-figures in sales each year. Jason Van Orden teaches you how to take your marketing and business to the next level – and beyond.

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