07 – Sabrina Teekah

Sabrina Teekah

Sabrina Teekah is a successful entrepreneur, public speaker, and teacher who has been in the entrepreneurial world for over 16 years. Sabrina Teekah is the founder, owner and principal designer at Elegant Interiors.  Sabrina brings her project management skills, keen eye for color, composition and form to each project. Sabrina’s mission is to empower Women Entrepreneurs take control of their own destiny.
She helps them design and create step by step Business building blocks that will catapult them on their path to creating their Dream Lifestyle.

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06 – Mike Page

Mike Page

Mike Page is an author, nutrition expert, fitness trainer, and life changer. Mike’s goal is to help 10 million people realize the dream of living longer, healthier lives. With each passing day, testimonials are pouring in from people who are mastering this long term plan to keep the weight off forever and great in the process. People all over the world are seeing instant and lasting results from Mike’s patented “Food Cycling” program. Currently, more than 30,000 people in over 32 countries are utilizing Mike’s program with great success.

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05 – Roberto Candelaria

Roberto Candelaria

#1 Best selling author Roberto C. Candelaria works with Non-Profits & small businesses to create and implement effective Fund Raising and Sponsorship Campaigns. Discover “WHY” corporate America wants to sponsor your businesses. Roberto reveals how to use your business to add value to your local community through corporate sponsorships using grassroots promotions. We uncover the secret to combining your business and corporate sponsorship to achieve your dreams WHILE impacting the lives of others.

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04 – Kerry Grimes

Kerry Grimes

Kerry Grimes was Sales Director for a major manufacturer and supplier to the electronic industry for 23 years. Then 20 years ago he started his own distribution company supplying the same industry precisely to printed circuit board manufacturers and now incorporating semi conductor companies. Having brought a Taiwanese company to the American market in 1993, and successfully established a distribution that worked for that company. Today, it is a 25 million dollar manufacturing facility in the US built in 2001 which provides about a hundred jobs in the United States.

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03 – Dr. Jacques Dallaire

Dr. Jacques Dallaire

Dr. Jacques Dallaire is an internationally recognized performance specialist who has worked with thousands of high level athletes, race car drivers, occupational specialists, and business professionals over the past forty years. His techniques are used by some of today’s most successful elite performers from many walks of life. His incredible powerful approach to peak performance, is now available to everyone to Dr. Dallaire’s newly released book “Performance Thinking.”

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02 – The One About How You Get Consumers to Buy From You – That Made $27M

The one about how you get consumers to buy from you

The one about how you get consumers to buy from you – that made $27M. How to use failure as a path toward your success. What indoctrination means and why it’s so important for your business. Why ego-based marketing no longer works and how it’s costing you. Why trust is key to becoming wealthy.

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01 – The One About Travis & Sandra

The one about Travis & Sandra

The one about Travis Lane Jenkins and Sandra Champlain. The Inspiring true story of “Diamonds in Your Own Backyard” and why it matters to you. Why business owners need a community of like minded business owners.

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